About Us

A great shop that first opened its doors in 2005 and currently employs around 20 individuals. Due to continuous improvements in the quality of our products, Wae has developed into a profitable company that has sold hundreds of items. We reopened our doors in 2011 to offer our clients new hair care products. The majority of the user interface’s incentives have already been implemented. We know what our customers want and need, and we work hard to provide those needs with high-quality products. Nature is an enigma. A beauty salon, sometimes known as a beauty parlour, is a place where men and women may get cosmetic procedures done. A beauty salon differs from a beauty parlour in that it is a fully functional establishment.


We want to increase sales of our improved items by making our store more accessible to people all around the world.

Our Value

We express our appreciation for our staff by increasing our company’s productivity, and our customers benefit as a consequence.